GeniusMinds is a Web Designing Company that empowers your business online. From ideation to execution of website designing, we design, promote and host your web requirements and entities at affordable costs. With over five years experience in web designing, along with portfolio of world-class websites, we have been instrumental in getting our clients & their websites to the forefront of the online space.

Every creative website design is created using a strong ideation process that brings visual appeal and functional soundness to the website. In Website Designing, Cross-browser compatibility and search engine friendliness matters. We as a web designing & development company, strive to bridge the gap between client expectations and customer satisfaction. As a website design agency and web development company, we strive to provide the best website designing solutions. As a client, you will stay informed of the status of your website designing project, from mock layouts of your website deesign to test pages during the beta stage of your website launch.



Research indicates that more than 70 % of visitors on the search engine click on the websites appearing in natural or organic results on search engines. A high rank search engine position is always an advantage for any website of any brand or service. GeniusMinds provides Search Engine Optimization & Marketing services. As an SEO Company, we track search engines algorithm changes and devise ways to implement them in our marketing mix for brands.

We enable you to take your business/website directly to your customers. Let them know more about your brand, and increase the potential of your business online. Using all the authentic practices and latest algorithms, we push up your website on all the major search engines. Fetching your keywords rankings they desire, making your brand stay ahead in competition. Trust us, for taking your business to places.



Business or websites cannot generate the desired result from the internet, till the time it isn't promoted enthusiastically. And Search engine Optimization is the technique that helps you achieve that targeted goal. Using all the required and applicable algorithms, we help your business crawl up the ladder of search engine pages, giving your business its own unique, distinctive, firm stand. Well performed SEO & SEM operations on the website can turn a business into a full fledged venture. And how do we know it? Is because we have done it! And we can do it again. We give your brand an energetic and creative appeal in the web market. Apart form search engines, we do optimize your website for other Social Media Networks too. A brand is defined on the Internet by its online reputation. We know exactly how to build you company into an online brand, and create a buzz among potential customers in a positive manner.



Beautiful Graphics will draw out the right appeal for your website. Right Graphics arouse positive impressions about your business. We get the right mixture of beautiful graphics for your website. We know, what will work for you and that too in correct quantities. So, we are always confident in whatever we have to offer. We first understand your business needs and then according to the requirements and uniqueness of it we unleash our creativity, in designing out such graphics that spell magnificence with their appeal. We always conceptualize things according to the brand identity and present to you, graphics that suits the composition of your business.

Your online brand/website is the soul of your business. It represents the value for which the business stands in the market. A beautiful & impactful logo design establishes your brand on the mind of your clients. A simple yet attractive image or a work of art with a beautiful font, easily narrates to you clients the standard which your business exhibits. A ravishing logo turns brings attention of a potential client towards your business even before they look what services you offer and what you actually do. Thus, logo designing is an impact of a good online & offline branding. It’s a 24 X 7 active visual marketing strategy that promotes your brand.



We believe that every marketing mix should be a combination of all the web activities which engage the users. Sometimes, the tried and tested approach may seem old, however, that doesn’t make it cease to be of use. Email marketing is one such activity that can be exponentially profitable for brands and services on the internet.

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing that allows the brand to connect with a huge database of audiences. Additionally, it is an effective and inexpensive mode of communication. These email communications could contain everything from promotional information to advertisements, offers, deals, announcements and links.

Our email marketing service can help you send out emails to your customers and stakeholders which link back to your website or landing pages. We provide avenues for direct mail advertising through email marketing in India. You can also measure the success of the campaign with our analytical tools.



If images attract, than words explain. No website, content or brand marketing is complete without the use of appropriate words. They are required to explain, what business stands for. Our writers ink their passion, and make sure they bring out every detail that will be useful in highlighting what your business stands for. They are the real identifiers that paint the image of business on the web. Contents writing we provide are original, creative, informative, and interactive. We don’t write words just to fill the space; rather we bring out features that define your business. Stamping the words with authority, information and style.

When it comes to getting your content written or hiring content writers you should avoid issues such as crap and duplicate content. Get your articles written professionally, everytime with us. You will never again need to train your staff to be your content writer. We have professional writers available 24 X 7.

SEO content writing is a prominent service of GeniusMinds and our content writers are specialize to provide best SEO content writing services. We provide SEO content writing services which are of high quality and finesse. Our web content writer provides content that is excellent in grammar while being original. The content consists of several well used keywords that will feature your web pages in most search results.