An Integrated Hospital Management System

An Integrated Hospital Management System

  • Category: Edtech
  • Date 02-03-2019

Hospital Information System (HIS)can be defined as customized, integrated system software that helps in fulfilling the extensive data information requirements of a hospital, nursing home, clinic or other healthcare institutions including patient, physician, administration, clinical, inventory, accounts, and financial management.

Generally, hospitals are the most complex healthcare centres with huge departments and units arrange look after the patients. It plays an important role in the success of a hospital and vital to decision making also. Computerization of the patient information and documentation has brought about effective information administration and data expansion for the users. It organizes the whole major functional area of an advanced multi-specialty hospital with its various powerful modules. It empowers enhanced patient care, patient safety, proficiency and less expenses.

In present time, hospitals are imperative part of our lives and for a hospital administration to carry out their occupation in successful and effective way is exceptionally challenging. It is really very difficult to maintain the records of all the patients including existing and old patients manually. Things to take into consideration before choosing a smart and modern Hospital management information system are overall costing, responsive, web enabled system, implementation or support. 

Benefits of a Hospital Management System (HIS):

* Enhanced healthcare facility and patient safety

* Quick patient information accessibility

* Reduced waiting times

* Reduced cost

* Better financial management

* Smart administration management

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